We facilitate opportunities for people to reconnect with their whakapapa, from recent human history to life’s origins, and reassess their relationship with the natural world by better understanding their place in the universe through modalities unique to New Zealand, including that of Maori and Pasifika peoples;

We facilitate public lectures, field trips and events lead by experts, teachers or students of Astrobiology or others involved in Astrobiology;

We foster partnerships with research agencies and institutions to develop a wider understanding of New Zealand’s capacity to contribute to Astrobiology research and education;

We assist New Zealand schools to develop curricula and other activities in order to motivate and inspire both teachers and students to learn about and engage with scientific advances in Astrobiology;

We provide educational and scientific research activities in Astrobiology within New Zealand;

We create a hub for international researchers looking to pursue collaborations in Astrobiology science activities in New Zealand;

We develop networks and virtual centres through which the scientific and cultural of Astrobiology within New Zealand and the life within it will be discussed and celebrated, including:

         – the “New Zealand Astrobiology Network” or equivalent; and

         – the “Virtual Astrobiology Centre” or equivalent;

We develop operational protocols for Astrobiology exploration on Earth and, one day, elsewhere, using the unique New Zealand landscape (including Antarctica and young volcanic islands – all territories of New Zealand) as backdrop;

We promote and assist with the obtaining of funds for developing educational materials, resources and research activities in Astrobiology; and

We undertake any other activities, as determined by our Trustees, that align with the above charitable purposes and involve, or are directly related to, Astrobiology.



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