Te Ao Mārama – the Centre for Fundamental Inquiry – is an institute based at University of Auckland that exists to promote engagement with deep questions at the University of Auckland and beyond. The institute is interested in simple questions that are hard to answer and which transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries such as Abiogenesis How did life originate from living matter? Astrobiology How is life distributed in the universe and what makes living systems unique? and Multiverse cosmology Was the Big Bang a unique event and are apparently fundamental laws of physics applicable only in “our” universe?

TE AO MĀRAMA MEETING – free registration

Research exploring the evolution of the universe and its life and other fundamental questions that transcend disciplinary boundaries

When: 24-25 October 2018
Where: The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Auckland

Invited international speakers include Rangi Matamua (The University of Waikato), Martin van Kranendonk (University of New South Wales), Anthony Aguirre (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Daniella Scalice (NASA Astrobiology Program).

Registration is free – please register for the conference here.



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